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El Trauco is a wizard and a trickster who enjoys charming and fooling women into having intercourse with him, leaving them with child. The Local men of the area, sick of his actions have decided to stop him. Little do they know, El Trauco is also a warrior, ready to defend his customs no matter the cost.

El Trauco is an ancient legend/Myth from the south of Chile, it was often used as a scapegoat by women in a time where children outside of marriage were looked down on, this legend is older than the conquest of Chile, dating back to the more tribal times.

This legend and many others have disappeared in the last two centuries since technology and science show us that a lot of what we believed in is false or extremely unlikely, we think it is important to preserve our culture and legacies as a country which is what inspired us to participate in the jam we made this game for.

Our kindest regards, Southern Leprechauns Team.


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there's a lot more work to be done.